Do you manufacture food / beverages in the Southeast United States? Houghton Chemical has noticed a demand increase for inhibited glycols that are certified as Generally Recognized as Safe with FDA approval and NSF certification. Our SAFE-T-THERM® GRAS product line is formulated with USP propylene glycol and meets this criteria. Whether you are in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee, Houghton Chemical can meet your needs. We know that when handling food and beverages, quality and reputation matters.

Are you looking for a comparable product to Dowfrost®? Houghton customers rely on SAFE-T-THERM® GRAS as a top quality food safe inhibited glycol for applications where contact with potables might occur. SAFE-T-THERM® GRAS can be used instead of Dowfrost® or in systems already containing Dowfrost®. For leak detection, SAFE-T-THERM® GRAS contains a FDA approved bright orange dye. As opposed to distributors, we offer manufacturer pricing. Ask for documentation for submittal purposes. Expect excellent product quality combined with superior logistics, and exceptional customer service. Product Data Sheet: SAFE-T-THERM® GRAS Product Data Website:

Ben and Jerry'sWorking at a food or beverage facility? It can be challenging to adhere to all the regulations. Houghton Chemical can help. We manufacture an inhibited propylene glycol (SAFE-T-THERM® GRAS) that is carefully formulated for use where incidental food or potable contact is possible. This product contains United States Pharmacopeia (USP) propylene glycol, FDA approved inhibitors, and dye for leak detection. Other grades of glycol will not suffice. The quality of your glycol is just as important as the quality of your product.