Nichols College in Dudley, MA – It’s more than a degree. It’s your future. Houghton strives to support the New England tradition of top-notch education. We partnered with a local water treatment contractor to renovate and update an on site glycol HVAC system. Nichols college creates leaders and change-makers who are ready to make an impact. #glycoldelivery

Having trouble with bulk common carrier availability? Houghton Chemical operates an experienced, professional, chemical contract carrier bulk fleet. Our contract bulk fleet transports a variety of chemicals from solvents, glycols, to water treatment products. Our drivers have 15 – 30 years of experience, and are fully certified for hazardous, nonhazardous and flammable chemical transportation. Trucks are fully equipped with pumps, fittings, & hoses. Our reputation has always been the best and we can prove it. Visit our website for further details:

Do you have a bulk glycol delivery that needs over 150 feet of hose? Prepare your glycol delivery site ahead of time. Houghton Chemical now rents our hoses to save our customers time and money. Get the hoses connected and ready on site the day before delivery. Therefore, on delivery day our bulk glycol truck can arrive and immediately hook up to the prepared hoses and begin filling your glycol system. Lets get the job done in under two hours! Visit our website for further details:

Do you have an HVAC system that needs a glycol drain, flush, and refill? Houghton Chemical recently supported a customer through this entire process in four days. On Saturday, one bulk truck removed the old glycol. Over Sunday, the system was cleaned and flushed. On Monday, our bulk glycol truck removed the system flush. On Tuesday we delivered the new premixed inhibited propylene glycol. So a brand new system in four days. Now that sounds good to me! Check out your services at: